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My Lucky Break


The true story of a daredevil quadriplegic

This is the inspiring memoir of Philip Stephens, who has been in a wheelchair for 40 years since he broke his neck at the age of 18. He thrives on risk - scuba-diving, skiing, parasailing - and extreme travelling. Philip came to define himself by his abilities rather than his disability. But his triumphs were entwined with further tragedy. His accident uncovered the secret his family had kept from him: the harrowing truth about his dangerous father. This is a tale of resilience and optimism. Philip reveals intimate details of his physical challenges, his sexual exploits and the emotional impact of life in a wheelchair. Through all his adversity, he is an exhilarating and amusing story-teller. The word Philip constantly uses about himself is “lucky”.

Philip Stephens

Power of Wheel (Spanish Subtitles)

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